itialuS the Bookmate Consulting

itialuS the Bookmate Consulting is an Accounting firm based in Faridabad, Haryana, India that specializes in financial services, tax services, payroll, and VAT refunds for corporations.


Part of the itialuS Global network, itialuS the Bookmate Consulting provides companies within many different markets and industries with a wide range of professional services such as audit, accounting, auditing, tax services and corporate financial solutions.


Local market expertise along with the support from the itialuS Global network allows the firm to assign a team of experts, consultants, and advisors to understand each client’s business challenges and opportunities regardless of their market sector and size.

Through international standards, best practices, and a trusted technology partner, itialuS the Bookmate Consulting takes enterprises into the digital transformation initiative, which is receiving the attention and support of governments worldwide. itialuS the Bookmate Consulting provides assistance to business leaders to manage day-to-day activities and keep track of all levels of organizational performance by enabling the right decisions to be made at the right time. Staff will also save time and focus on the core business, resulting in improved productivity and, ultimately, in organizational growth.

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itialuS The Bookmate Consulting, the emergence of a new franchise partnership

itialuS The Bookmate Consulting is the official new partnership between itialuS Global and The Bookmate Consulting, based in Haryana, India.