International Business Registration

International Business Registration


At itialuS, we provide high-quality business services to foreign investors, including company registration, accounting, income tax, and business advisory. We support entrepreneurs in all aspects of their businesses from the moment of their establishment to the later stages of business growth and development. We can handle the entire process of incorporating your business internationally.


Area of Expertise


·       Business & Import Licenses

·       Business Document Revision

·       Company & Investment Law

·       Company Incorporation and Address Rent

·       Operation Management Solution

·       Corporate Compliance (GDPR, Anti-money laundering...)

·       Tax Residency Applications


Support and Guidance:

We provide support and guidance throughout the process of establishing all legal forms. Our experts can clarify the most complicated local legislation for you. We also provide all the necessary licenses, concessions and permits for your business’s success. Our experts strictly maintain the confidentiality of our clients. We do not share or distribute any information without the client’s exclusive consent.

itialuS Corporajasa is an independent entity managed by Mr. SYAFRUDDIN DJALIL, Ph.D and member firm of itialuS Global network.