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Outsourcing Professional Services

Information Technology Tools

We use an innovative cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system known as WallPost Software. It is designed according to international standards to meet clients’ needs in different industries. WallPost is equipped with intelligent modules to smartly monitor and enhance the performance of the company and staff, as well as produce a variety of financial and management reports which can be used by managers and shareholders for more efficient decision-making.

itialuS provides clients with start-to-finish outsourced professional services that utilize the best technology.

Our clients have varying requirements for their outsourcing needs, including:


Businesses that do not need an in-house finance or HR team, but still require accurate reporting and decision-making in a timely manner


Owners and managers who have in-house bookkeeping or HR operations, but wish to reduce costs by automating most of their financial and HR functions using new technologies


Business owners who prefer having finance and HR services provided for them at cost-effective rates instead of handling the responsibility and cost of in-house teams


Consultants operating their businesses with minimal resources and wishing to free up some time

Our team has years of experience in providing professional and tailored outsourcing services according to each client’s needs, ranging from subsidiaries of overseas parent companies to owner-managed businesses. Our outsourcing service solutions allow our clients to focus on managing their core business with ease and confidence through automated, regular, and robust reporting at reduced costs.

itialuS Corporajasa is an independent entity managed by Mr. SYAFRUDDIN DJALIL, Ph.D and member firm of itialuS Global network.