HR Management

Organizational Development

  • Reviewing the company’s mission and vision, core values, size of its labor force and HR teams
  • Evaluating the current situation
  • Implementing and developing organizational policies and procedures
  • Managing data
  • Setting up effective organizational structures and processes


HR Policies and Procedures

  • Providing business travel policies
  • Handling processes and procedures on grievances
  • Issuing Performance Management reports
  • Implementing progressive discipline or disciplinary action
  • Hiring and managing recruitment
  • Handling employee separation (resignation, termination, and retirement)
  • Employee benefits and eligibility: death benefits, bereavement leave
  • HR training and professional organizational development


Labor Law Compliance and Record-Keeping

  • Setting up a bookkeeping system for employee records
  • Filing employee personal profiles
  • Documenting employee summaries (new hires, separation, gender population, etc.)
  • Reporting document expiry summaries
  • Managing employee leaves

Diligent Monitoring of Employee Leaves

  • Keeping a record of employee timesheets and attendance punctuality
  • Tracking team and department attendance sheets
  • Forecasting employee/department leaves
  • Arranging handover and leave payments

Performance Management

Deploying a thorough performance management program designed to encourage talent and leadership development within the workforce

  • Assessing the employee’s effectiveness and productivity
  • Serving both administrative and developmental purposes
  • Guiding decision-makers with employment actions, personnel planning, training, and development
  • Providing top management with monthly individual and departmental performance evaluations according to a fixed set of job-related indicators and KPIs

Human Resource Management Reports

WallPost reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Disciplinary Action
  • Employee Documents expiry and renewal cost
  • Employee Cumulative Performance
  • Employee leave balance
  • Employee summary count
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