Hiring the right candidate is a significant task for any organization that aims for long-term growth. itialuS has its own recruitment and selection pattern based on specific policies and procedures:


Dealing with the excess or shortage of resources

Analyzing the recruitment policies, processes, and procedures of the organization

Preparing recruitment policies for different categories of employees

Identifying areas of improvement

Streamlining the hiring process with suitable recommendations

Choosing the most effective recruitment process

Creating detailed job specifications


Recruitment Planning

  • Job Vacancies
  • Job Analyses
  • Job Descriptions
  • Resume Assessments
  • Job Specifications
  • Job Evaluations
  • Job Criteria

Recruitment Strategy

  • Buy or build talent through new hires or training

Recruitment Types

  • Social Media Platforms and Job Portals (LinkedIn, Job street)
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Cold-Calling
  • Geographic Area
  • Recruitment Sources
  • Recruitment Database

Searching for the Right Candidates

Searching involves attracting job seekers to job vacancies.


Internal Sources of Recruitment, Hiring Employees Within the Organization

  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Former Employees
  • Recommendations
  • Internal Advertisements (Job Posting)
  • Employee Referrals
  • Previous Applicants

External sources of recruitment, hiring employees outside the organization

  • Direct Recruitment
  • Employment Exchanges
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Advertisements and Promotion
  • Job Fairs
  • Professional Associations
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Word of Mouth
  • School Events and Fairs
  • HR Conventions

Screening, Shortlisting, and Selecting Applicants

Reviewing cover letters and resumes
Conducting phone or video interviews
Identifying the top candidates through:

  • Initial Interviews
  • Written Competency-Based Tests
  • Screening and Shortlisting of Five to Ten Resumes for the Client’s Review
  • Recommendations by Panel Interviews
itialuS Grapadi International is an independent entity managed by Mr. Muhammad Dwi Andika, M.Ec.Dev and member firm of itialuS Global network.