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Trying to keep a company running smoothly – not to mention profitably – can sometimes feel like spinning plates especially if you are forever hopping between programs to keep everything on track.


Business Challenges

  • Difficulty managing projects effectively
  • Inability to manage sales leads and customer database
  • Limited visibility of company performance in one place
  • Inefficiency from the use of multiple software programs – employee training, software license management, integration
  • Diminished control over budget and cash flow due to the inability to quickly access financial information
  • Poor employee performance because there is no way to monitor it

What is an ERP Solution?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the integrated management of main business processes:

  • It gives a complete picture of the what, when, who, why, and how in the day-to-day business operations
  • It keeps all of the organization’s crucial data in one place, ensuring that it’s safe, organized, and accessible
  • Utilizing an ERP solution means you only need one program to keep track of all the moving parts in the organization, so nothing gets lost in some long-forgotten spreadsheet

WallPost ERP

  • Enables you to view practical deliverables and pending project tasks in various departments
  • Automates your project and non-project time tracking, costs, and client billing
  • Allows you to manage the complete customer life cycle from lead to sales and ongoing customer service
  • Provides an “at a glance” view of the performance of the company, departments and employees
  • One cloud-based system accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Generates your revenue reports, creating a resourceful comparison with either the planned revenue in the budget or the results of earlier performance in previous years
  • Streamlines and automates your company’s human capital management through one central database


Industry-Specific Solutions

·        Construction

·        Property Management

·        Manufacturing

·        Logistics & Trade

·        Retail

·        Legal


Customer Benefits

·        Affordable

·        Save on costs by paying for one software system to manage all lines of business

·        Intuitive System

·        Increase productivity

·        Full Control

·        Gain visibility for better analytics


·        Manage and mitigate risk

·        Improved Inventory Monitoring


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