itialuS UTTRCO d.o.o: Expand Your Business Beyond Borders

Jan, 11, 2021 | 07:01 AM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

Along with accounting, income tax, and business advisory services, itialuS UTTRCO d.o.o provides international business registration services to foreign companies. This service encourages foreign investment and helps entrepreneurs in all aspects of their businesses from the moment of their establishment to the later stages of business growth and development.


itialuS UTTRCO d.o.o handles the entire process of incorporating businesses internationally. The office provides support and guidance throughout the process of establishing all legal forms, and with the help of experts, it can clarify the most complicated local legislations. itialuS UTTRCO d.o.o also provides all the necessary licenses, concessions, and permits for any business’s success, while strictly maintaining the confidentiality of their clients and without sharing or distributing any information.


Want to establish your business overseas? Make the process easier with itialuS UTTRCO d.o.o's start-to-finish professional assistance.