itialuS Global’s Network reached Nepal: itialuS Fintech Consultants & Investigators Private Limited

Oct, 09, 2020 | 07:55 AM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

itialuS Global signed a new franchise partnership with Consultants & Investigators Private Limited, an accounting firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Now part of the itialuS Global’ network, itialuS Fintech Consultants & Investigators Private Limited aims to expand its business and services further in the market, and provide its client companies with various professional services, such as outsourcing, accounting, tax, payroll services, as well as business management advisory, VAT compliance, and digital transformation. 


“Through our partners’ support, international standards, and expertise, we’re focused on taking our client enterprises into the digital transformation initiative,” stated Mr. Bijay Kumar Agarwal, head of the Nepali firm.