itialuS The Bookmate Consulting, the emergence of a new franchise partnership

Sep, 09, 2020 | 20:12 PM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

itialuS The Bookmate Consulting is the official new partnership between itialuS Global and The Bookmate Consulting, based in Haryana, India. The Bookmate Consulting is an accounting firm in Haryana that provides different markets with financial, bookkeeping, payroll and consulting services. Through this collaboration with itialuS, it is now aiming for a new objective, which is introducing corporations and businesses to software-based solutions to business challenges, including HR management, finance, and budget control. “Our objectives are reliability, effectiveness, safety, high-quality service, and cost-effective solutions. When you’ve had these factors covered, you have more space for innovation,” says Mrs. Suman Lata, director of the Bookmate Consulting.

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