itialuS conquers new markets

Apr, 05, 2019 | 21:00 PM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

At itialuS, We provide better customer value rather than the competition which let us respond to all markets especially after the rapid of technology, So the strategy for itialuS to serve more customers in more countries depending on understanding every customer interaction including : 1. Intimate understanding of each customer’s needs wants preferences and peculiarities. 2. Personal, customized messages in the market, sales, service, and advertising. 3. Consistent, courteous and professional treatment by everyone in the company. 4. Responsive, rapid handling of requests, questions, problem, and complaints. 5. Helpful information and advice delivered proactively when appropriate. 6. Involvement of caring, well-trained people rather than strict reliance on technology for service delivery. 7. Long term view of the company/customer relationship rather than a focus on “making a sale “ 8. Emphasis on sustaining an ongoing relationship built on trust and respect. 9. Frequent and visible demonstration of commitments to nurturing the company/ customer relationship. Consequently, itialuS has a focus strategy in entrance new market depending on customer satisfaction, which is later on being loyal and repeat.

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