Finacco Kosovo: Assisting Investors With Their Business Establishment

Jun, 16, 2021 | 17:21 PM
itialuS continues its global service expansion

Who We Are

Finacco Kosovo LLC is a company based in Prishtina, Kosovo that specializes in Finance Advisory, Accounting, Tax, and Management Consulting Services. Finacco Kosovo LLC was established based on Kosovo’s legislation and is registered as a Limited Liability Company.


Some Of Our Services


Financial Advisory: The Financial Advisory, our core business segment, delivers consulting services built on a strong financial analytical foundation. Finacco Kosovo offers high-end tailored financial modeling to our clients. Up to this date, there is no regulatory structure on the development, use, and control of financial models and spreadsheets; and it’s commonly known that in the financial industry there is a long tradition of amateur self-teaching due to the lack of formal training on the discipline of financial modeling.
Due diligence: We provide various Due Diligence services for businesses and/or potential investors or any other clients in need of such services. We perform our DD services in the following categories: Business Due Diligence, General Due Diligence, Investing Due Diligence, and Negotiating Due Diligences.

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